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Study Permit

Study Permit

1. The individual’s student visa permits them to enroll at any Designated Learning institution while studying in Canada (DLI). There are various requirements you must adhere to while studying in Canada:
2. Make progress towards completing your program
3. Respect any condition listed on your study permit
4. Stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements of the student visa
5. Leave Canada immediately once your study permit expires If you want to know your college is DLI, click here

Who can apply for Study permit?

All International students wishing to pursue academic studies in Canada must obtain a study permit. In order to enter Canada and begin their studies, international students must first get a tourist visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA).
1. Listed below are some instances of people who can study in Canada without a study permit:
2. Family or staff of foreign representatives
3. Members of foreign armed forces
4. Registered Indians in Canada5. Any visitor wants to study a program which is of six months or less in duration

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