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PR card Renewal

PR Card Renewal

The duration of permanent residency cards is five years. You can apply for a new PR card if your current one is due to expire or will do so in less than nine months. Even if your ID card expires, you will continue to be a permanent resident. The PR Card renewal procedure will take a minimum of 49 days, while urgent processing may be used to complete it sooner. The renewal of a PR requires a $50 cost. You must pay online and print the receipt to attach it to your application if you want to renew your PR Card. The application must include images that correspond to the requirements for photos, or it risked being rejected.

If you are returning to Canada by flight, train, bus or train you need valid PR card. You must renew PR card before leaving Canada or apply for Permanent resident travel document if you are applying outside Canada.

You must have spent at least 730 days in Canada during the previous five years in order to maintain your permanent residence status. These 730 days do not have to run consecutively. Your time spent overseas could count toward the 730 days

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